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once per turn

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once per turn Empty once per turn

Post by patrick1324 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:49 am

once per turn, everyone knew already right? this mean this monster can only use this effect 1 time per turn. but actually once per turn have many confusing ruling issue.

not all once per turn effect can only used in your m1 and m2.

for a monster, if a effect say once per turn......(show this effect can only use 1 time per turn) normally is spell speed 1 ignition effect.

if that is a spell speed 2 ignition effect, will be write like this, once per turn, during either player turn(this show effect is quick effect,spell speed 2)

some monster effect also write once per turn, but can be a continous situational effect, that effect never activate.

if that effect is a trigger effect, it will write like this... when......(timing trigger) if.......... (situation trigger)

continous effect will not write any timing verb since effect never activate.

mandatory effect mean that effect will activate automatically if the timing or situation is achieved(you cannot choose even you dont want unless effect cannot be resolve)

ignition effect mean that effect can be choose to activate or not.

if an effect can DIRECTLY affect attack or defence , negate activation of a card or effect, or specific that effect is activate during damage step, that effect can be activate in damage step even is a spell speed 1 monster.

the different between you can only ACTIVATE this (card name) once per turn with you can only USE this (card name) once per turn is if you negate the activation of (you can only ACTIVATE this (card name) once per turn) your opponent can activate one more time, but for (USE) your opponent unable do it.

the effect can activate when is depends on effect type and timing.situation, dont too follow the effect text and got confused.

some trap card just write ONCE PER TURN but actually can activate during either player turn, all trap card had been know as is spell speed 2 or 3 commonly, thats why konami no need write two time during either player turn to show that is a spell speed 2 or higher card.


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once per turn Empty Re: once per turn

Post by The Life Less One on Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:26 pm

When it says 'You can only use this effect of ________ once per turn' it means that, the specific effect can only be activated once per turn. It doesn't matter if another copy of the card is summoned and hasn't used the effect. That card will not be able to use its effect even if it is newly summoned or if it was on the field but hasn't used the eff.
If it just says 'Once per turn:' it is an ignition effect as you correctly stated and is the only type of effect that can be done to re-open or just start/open a NEW gamestate enabling your opponent to respond to it. This type of effect is usually ignition as stated by Patrick and can be used multiple times in one turn IF multiple copies of the card are there or if the card is sent to the grave or just leaves the field and re-enters the field. This effect is Spell Speed 1 and hence it must ALWAYS be Chain Link 1.

'Once per turn, during either player's turn' This kind of effect is an ignition spell speed 2 effect allowing you to chain it to spell speed 1 and spell speed 2 effects. This however won't enable you to chain to a spell speed 3 effect of a counter trap.

In damage step there are 7 substep. During the damage step the only cards either player can activate are cards that directly affect a monsters Attack or Def point such as Forbidden Lance. You can also activate counter traps such as Debunk in damage step. Lastly you can activate effects that negate the 'activation' of cards such as Herald Of Perfection in the damage step. Other than that the only exception to these damage step rules are certain cards that Konami has allowed to activate in Damage step for a reason or cards that meet their situation in the damage step itself and thus have to activate in damage step.

When... (timing) effects can miss their timing if the text says ' can...' This means when a condition is met you CAN activate the effect meaning it is an optional effect. If something such as chain is still resolving while the condition is met then this effect will NOT activate and will miss the timing because the condition will not be the last thing to happen after the chain fully resolves. It also means that chains can NEVER be interrupted. There is no special case. Never. Even win conditions such as Exodia cannot interrupt chains. However if the cards say 'When...' and then there is no you can then it isn't an optional effect and it is a mandatory effect and hence it will activate once the condition is met and things such as chains finish resolving. It will start a NEW chain in this scenario.

'If....' (situation) effects can NEVER miss the timing but can be negated. 'If...' effects can be activated once a situation or condition is met. When the condition is met is not relevant. It is just if it occurs you can activate it. Hence it does not matter if it was the last thing to happen or if chains are still resolving. This type of effect will never miss-time.

Hope that's a bit clearer this is what Patrick was trying to say I guess if you didn't understand that too well :3

~ The Life Less One

The Life Less One
The Life Less One

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