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Moneyboy4's Results

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Moneyboy4's Results Empty Moneyboy4's Results

Post by FinalInzektion on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:22 pm

Tester Name: FinalInzektion
Testee Name: Moneyboy4

Tester Deck: 3.5 Axis Firefist
Testee Deck: Lightsworn (I'm guesing ruler version, never saw any Rulers though.)

Deck Size: 5/5 Perfect.

Deck Construction: 10/15 - Seemed like typical LS builds, yet didn't make any real pushes. Mostly just saw Kuribandit for mills.

Deck Originality: 3/10 - These are all over now.

Siding: 0/10 - Didn't see any side deck cards.

Skill: 5/15 - Seemed to know basic knowledge, tried special summoning during the end phase once. I saw a few small errors he could have done to help his chances. One being the first duel, he milled a Eclipse Wyvern and didn't banish anything to use it's effect. Second duel I saw where he milled a Minerva, and didn't use her extra eff to mill one more card. Little things like that.

Rulings: 5/10 - Like I said above, end phase special summon.

Attitude: 15/15 - Great guy from what I could tell, seemed cool from talking with him. Glad to have him here.

Duel Results: 0/20

[2-0 = 20/20]

[2-1 = 15/20]

[1-2 = 10/20]

[0-2 = 0/20]

Score: 43/100

Dorm Placement:

0-59 and below: Slifer Red

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Moneyboy4's Results Empty Re: Moneyboy4's Results

Post by Moneyboy4 on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:53 pm

tbh you didnt give me a chance to bring rulers out

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