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qliphort, infinite tribute fodder for you to use

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qliphort, infinite tribute fodder for you to use Empty qliphort, infinite tribute fodder for you to use

Post by patrick1324 on Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:47 pm

Qliphort is second pendulum archetype in yu gi oh, this middle size archetype had been show us the power of pendulum that can be use as infinite tribute, if you talk about what is the strongest tribute summon deck before this deck appear you must say is monarch, but monarch  cannot use extra deck if you use monarch support card, also, tribute fodder for monarch does not have any effect, but qliphort is different, qliphort have some monster that will get some additional effect like genome  can destroy s/t and archieve can return 1 monster to hand  if you tribute it, and those monster all is pendulum monster, this mean even there get tributed, there will send to extra deck instead of staying in graveyard, then next turn you can pendulum summon 1 more time. the boss of this card, killer is a very awesome card and can summon easily with qliphort deck, if you look at venom deck boss, venom deck boss's effect is unaffected+ cannot be target by spell/trap and monster effect, gain atk depends on reptile monster on the graveyard,  and can revive by banish 1 reptile monster, and have a very cool win condition, but that card is too diffucult to summon, but look at killer, he is not diffucult to summon and also unaffected by s/t and effect that activate by a monster that have lower level/rank than 9, this is such as a evil card, this mean lv/rank 1-8 monster effect all cannot even touch this monster, card like envoy, scrap dragon and felgrand can just wait for die if fight with this card, this card also have a special effect that force opponent to send 1 monster from hand/field to graveyard.


qliphort monster

qliphort tool(searcher)
this card is a only normal monster in qliphort archetype, thats why it cause summoner's art price raise to 20 dollar in 3 days, this card is a searcher for this deck,
you must like to get this card as fast as possible, this card can also search by 0dd-eyes pendulum dragon, this card work well with trampolynx to double search or open for special summon a monster that outside qliphort. this card's defence is high but you must not try to pendulum summon it unless in a emergency.
run 3

qqliphort genome + archive(tribute fodder)
both card will get additional effect if get tributed, there also have a good pendulum effect that make your opponent monster decrease 300 atk or increase your monster 300 atk, but you will not like to place them in pendulum zone since you have better card want to put, even genome effect is useful in this format, but archive scale is 1, sso archive can use with tool to pendulum summon, you can even tribute multiple ccopy of those card to get multiple effect, both is lv 6 so there can open for rank 6 xyz when you dont have qliphort pendulum but you need to normal them, both become lv 4 if there are special summon or normal without tribute so can open for rank 4 xyz.
run 2-3

qliphort disk(swarmer)
this card cannot do anything if you pendulum it or normal without tribute, but if this card is tribute summon, you can special summon 2 pendulum monster from deck(you must choose genome and archive) but there will destroy during end phase, so you can try to xyz or just let it destroy to become future's tribute fodder, this card scale is 1 so can work with tool and also have 300 atk bonus, this card is lv7 so can open for rank 7 xyz summon.
run 1-3

qliphort shell(beater)
same like disk, but this card's effect is you can atk twice per turn with this card mean you can inflict many battle damage to opponent, use genome and archive effect to clear field before atk, same like disk have same stat and need 2 tribute, this card lv is 8 so you can try to summon felgrand.
run 1-3

qliphort killer(boss)'
lazy to explain this card, because a good card no need explaination, you can also tribute 2 pendulum monster but one of them need to equip with sqliphort, this card's summon still can be negate by solemn warning.
run 0-2(you no need much since you only need to summon 1 killer to win)


qliphort directly support s/t

even this card is an equip spell but it is still useful, this card first effect make a monster cannot destroy by battle(equip to killer since monster like envoy still can kill it with atk) 300 atk is not very important. second effect is make 1 qliphort monster
can become 2 tribute for qliphort monster's tribute summon, you normally will equip to genome or archive if you want to use this effect. final effect is when this card send from field to graveyard, you can add 1 qliphort monster(normally will add tool)equip this card to genome or archive to use this effect.
run 3

first effect let you normal summon 2 time, actually you no need this effect much because your opponent already want to cry when facing your killer, but since you have infinite tribute, this card effect still can be use some times, second effect is protection for summon negation window especially killer, your opponent see killer must quickly acitvate warning to destroy it, with this card, summon negation window for qliphort tribute summon can say is closed.
run 1

this card can be useful when card like tool is destroy and send to extra deck, you will need this card if the duel is a very serious duel.
run 1-2(3 will be dead draw)

qliphortran(beat down)
this card make all your qliphort monster lost effect, but you gain 300 atk and unaffected by spell/trap, since can gain 300 atk, this card can activate in damage step, this card is forbidden lance for qliphort.
run 1-3(in this format have many trap)

out side support

1)summoner's art is searcher for tool
2)odd-eyes pendulum dragon can search tool and trampo
3)combine it with deck that need tribute summon like monarch
4)you can just say this deck is engine of monarch, if you dont trust me can you tell me ONE monarch support card that cannot support this deck? even return of the monarch can support it.....
5)other high level monster like jinzo can work well
6)work well with earthbound
7)tribute fodder more than frog
8)trampo can use to return pendulum spell in pendulum zone to open for special summon outside qliphort
9)warning!!! most of the monarch support have problem about extra deck, dont scold me after you figure this problem when using monarch support in qliphort deck....

from patrick.

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