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Shark126999 Empty Shark126999

Post by Gabriel_Fairfox on Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:10 pm

Tester Name:Gabriel_Fairfox

Testee Name: Shark126999 [DN name not sure if name on here]

Tester Deck: Firefist
Testee Deck: H.A.T

Deck Size: 5/5

Deck Construction: 14/15
consistent seemed fairly normal for  HAT deck, and nothing bad that i could see.

Deck Originality: 5/10
Didn't really see anything i would say is a tech and like i said above just a standard H.A.T deck
Siding: 9/15

Skill: 13/15
Made a few mistakes but nothing major, though with me playing way i was some of them that could of cost him, if i didn't misplay in stupid ways would of cost him the duel 1. [Referring to game 1] but overall very solid ply

Rulings: 10/10
Attitude: 15/15

Duel Results: 20/20

[2-0 = 20/20]

[2-1 = 15/20]

[1-2 = 10/20]

[0-2 = 0/20]


Dorm Placement: Obelisk Blue

81-100: Obelisk Blue

60-80: Ra Yellow

0-59 and below: Slifer Red

Note: i was fairly distracted during test and played fairly bad [ but from what i could tell, it would of only made a difference of 10 points max and would of still made it to obelisk blue at 81 if i didn't make them mistakes.

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Shark126999 Empty Re: Shark126999

Post by OnlyGodCanStopMeNow on Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:56 am


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